Terms and conditions


By making a reservation, you accept and agree to our cancellation and no-show policy. By making reservation, you agree to receive an offer with final price which you need to confirm by email. Then you will be asked to pay deposit. Reservation is not binding until deposit is paid. After receiving your deposit we will send you Reservation Voucher.


After confirming the booking, you will be asked to pay a deposit (200 €). Upon arrival, you will be charged the amount reduced by the amount of the deposit. A deposit payment cannot be postponed on future dates of stay.


If you cancel 30 and less days before the original date of arrival or do not arrive at the first day of the stay (no show), refund of deposit cannot be made.

For cancellation more than 30 days before the original date of arrival we reserve the right to keep 50% of your deposit payment and to refund the rest 50% of your deposit payment, minus administrative fee.


A damage deposit of 50 € is required upon arrival,in case of damage. The method of collecting the deposit in case of damage is cash. The method of returning the deposit in case of damage is cash,on the day of check-out,if there do not exist reason to keep it.


In case of late check-in, please contact us on time. A contact number will be on your Reservation Voucher. Should you fail to arrive at the apartment on the arrival date, the entire booking will be cancelled. The apartment may not be available on any subsequent nights of the booking. We will not able to make refund of deposit. In case of later arrival or earlier departure than planned, refund for unused accommodation cannot be made.


In case of extraordinary circumstances in the country where you have to stay and before the start of the arrangement which could not have been foreseen in advance, and which can be classified as force majeure (terrorist attacks, state of emergency, pandemics, natural disasters, border closures), the client is refunded the deposit in full, less the commission costs.


If there are conditions for unconditional travel and stay, this DOES NOT apply to the guest’s own initiative.